Fabric Sample Square – Scuba


Fabric sample squares are a 2×2 square of a fabric type sent in your order so you can feel a fabric type you don’t know about in person! Each square of fabric will be approx. 2″x2″ and will be a random print in your chosen fabric type. These squares can be stretched, felt, and collected or put together in whatever way you desire. By being able to choose your own squares, you can create your own set of fabric samples in the fabric types you would like to learn more about! Refer to our fabric guide for more information on each fabric type! Each square will come with an unpeeled sticker with the name of the fabric type so you can use or organize your fabric squares as desired.

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Every fabric is different in weight, sheerness, stretch, softness, and potentially fiber content, even if it is the same fabric type. This sample does not necessarily show what every fabric type on our website with this label will feel like. Please read each listing carefully for more details on weights, stretch, softness, etc. This is just for a general idea of how a fabric type feels and behaves.