Galaxy Tie Dye Glitter Distressed – Distressed Double Knit


This fabric features a double knit with a purple and blue polyester tie dye back layer and a distressed cotton front layer with embedded silver glitter and looser large pink glitter. This fabric is reversible. Some pink glitter may fall off where the distressed layers maki it not stick, but most is stuck on securely.

Wash as delicates by itself and hang dry only.

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Fabric Type: Distressed Double Knit

Fiber Content: 50% Cotton, 48% Polyester, 2% Spandex

Weight:  Midweight

Stretch: 80% horizontal, 15% vertical

Softness: 4.0/5*

Sheerness: 1.5/5*

*(1=not at all, 5=extremely)


Price is per yard unless specified otherwise. Multiple yards ordered will be sent in one cut unless requested otherwise.

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